Start Running Pain Free!
Start Running Pain Free!

What Do Our Students Say

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Julianne Weaver

Working with Valerie has been an incredible journey. I came to the program right after I “ran“ in my first marathon, at age 46, in 2019. I was injured and frustrated and knew my running form was awful. I saw Valerie’s videos online and signed up for her virtual class. It has been a long journey, she is incredibly patient. I now run without pain, my form is better, and I actually look forward to running!

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Kitty Badger

I am a triathlete who HAD plantar fasciitis. I couldn’t even walk let alone run due to the pain. As a triathlete I could still swim and bike but running is my favorite part. I was very frustrated and spent lots of unnecessary money on cures for my plantar. Thanks to the Pose Method of running I am learning to run correctly and without hurting my self. Thanks to Valerie’s skill drills, strength exercises, self-care, evaluations and encouragement I am not only running, but running further and faster. I no longer worry about how much pain I will be in after a run. Thank you RunRX from the bottom of my running heart!

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I have evolved my running technique and skill through my time with RunRx. I have reduced injury, and gained speed. The energy and pace was perfect. I loved the feedback from gait analysis. I look back to those analyses whenever I feel I may be slipping in the form. The CrossFit workouts were really fun. Thank you! I'm always recommending Valerie because she's thorough, fun, and is a master of her craft.

Eileen Carlton

Working with Valerie has been incredible. She delivers so many options to meet you where you are and is always available to help. I have learned so much and enjoy continuing the journey under her guidance. I am truly thankful for Valerie and her passion to help people run pain free. I recommend her to anyone who loves to run and wants to take it to a new level.

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After years of running and battling injuries I stumbled upon Valerie's instagram account. I had researched the pose method but did not fully understand. After participating in Valerie's 321 class I am now on my way to running pain free. Her directions are clear and precise. Not only have I learned better running form, but proper strength and self care. I will be continuing my journey with Valerie through her membership program. The wealth of knowledge and her continued dedication are incomparable.


Valerie and RunRX are great. Valerie is so knowledgeable about running and fitness. She wants you run pain free and have fun doing it. She is always willing to help you.

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Valerie is very skilled and enthusiastic coach. She explains really well and notices every detail of your run. It is important to be consistent and patient, this way you will see the results! Work continues!

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Ann Starr

Valerie and RunRX are not your typical running program. This not a one-size fits all training program. Valerie and RunRx is the full Run 360 experience. I came to this program as a last chance to save my running. I started to experience pain and numbness when running. I had seen multiple doctors that only suggested standard PT or surgery. I joined the online RunRx 6 week program. Within 4 weeks I was back to running short distances with no pain. Valerie works with the WHOLE runner. You get the full 360 view into strength, flexibility, spacial awareness (where are your hips, your shoulders), Q&A, and even the running mental game. Her cues and insight really have each runner in mind. She is there to support each runners goals while providing a supportive community. I also attended a RunRX clinic in Texas and that was a game changer on its own. The time with Valerie to immerse yourself in your running and really connect with the Pose, Fall, Run method. I enjoy Valerie's personal investment and insight into running, training and improving the WHOLE runner.


Since working with Valerie my run has improved SO MUCH!!!!! I have been running pain free, and am starting to see a change in how challenging the run is (but now ISN'T) for me! Valerie has been here for me every step of the way helping correct my form, and getting me in the right groove to become a better runner. HIGHLY RECOMMEND RUNRX.

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Robbie Frans

Valerie and her team are amazing. I used to absolutely hate running, now I can’t get enough of it. I am far from perfect but my form keeps getting better. Thank you !

Mark Hall

In November of 2019, I experienced knee pain on my marathon training long runs. I knew my form was off, I took RunRX’s 8 week on line course in Dec/Jan and have been running pain free since. The course was fantastic, much more in depth than the one day seminar I took a year earlier. Valerie is a gifted, positive coach. My main goal at age 63 is to be able to go out the door and run, and I feel like am able to now.

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Wendy McCulley

I had several injuries for few years, and nagging knee injury for over year. I had seen several physical therapists, which I took gait evaluation with them as well as strength program, but nothing could work for me. I decided to take Runrx course with Valerie back in spring. Wow my knee has improved lots, and I am able to run with no pain. Not just pain free, but improved my speed. I am able to run effortlessly. I have learned lots from her. She’s so great teacher.