Enrollment is Closed

We have had such a great response, that we've closed the membership for a few months to make certain our new students get a more intimate coaching experience.

Join our waitlist and you will be the FIRST to find out when we open enrollment next.

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Step 1. Login Daily

A new Skills, Strength & Self-Care is released every week day.

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Step 2. Do the Work

Each day will only take about 10-15 minutes. We will go through different content each day.

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Step 3. Maintain Momentum

Continue adding the practice and build on your previous work to stay injury free.

What Our Members Are Saying


I have evolved my running technique and skill through my time with RunRx. I have reduced injury, and gained speed. The energy and pace was perfect. I loved the feedback from gait analysis. I look back to those analyses whenever I feel I may be slipping in the form. The CrossFit workouts were really fun. Thank you! I'm always recommending Valerie because she's thorough, fun, and is a master of her craft.

Since working with Valerie my run has improved SO MUCH!!!!! I have been running pain free, and am starting to see a change in how challenging the run is (but now ISN'T) for me! Valerie has been here for me every step of the way helping correct my form, and getting me in the right groove to become a better runner. HIGHLY RECOMMEND RUNRX.

Working with Valerie has been incredible. She delivers so many options to meet you where you are and is always available to help. I have learned so much and enjoy continuing the journey under her guidance. I am truly thankful for Valerie and her passion to help people run pain free. I recommend her to anyone who loves to run and wants to take it to a new level.

Got Questions?

Still have questions? Reach out to [email protected]

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