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RunRxStrong Membership: Just $297

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The Cold Hard Truth is:

If You Don’t Correct Your Running Form, You Will Stay in Pain.

And Possibly Injured.

Show us the shoe that is going to keep you running into your twilight years without injury....

 You can’t!

That’s because we’d all have them... what you may not have realized until right now:

When runners  (including myself) have a problem, they seek help, but many don’t think of a coach. They think a coach is for their kids' gymnastics or golf.

You wouldn’t think of letting your kids go do their sport without a good coach. Why not for you too!

If you’ve already felt the nudge towards getting a coach, then this is the best way to do it!

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you will get daily coaching, and for the cost of a pair of shoes and a race, you have a coach that will WATCH YOU RUN for 12-Weeks!

You've Got Questions... We've Got Answers!!


Coach Valerie often mentions video gait analysis, can I just do that?

Up until August of 2020 the video gait analysis was part of the 8-Week Course or as a separate service, but once you learn what is incorrect in your movement, you need a coach to help you through correcting it. As a result, we have decided that through the end of 2021, the video gait analysis will be included in the 3-Month Membership! This means you can basically come into the membership and get your analysis, practice for 30 days, check-in with another analysis, continue with practice and strength, and check-in again!


I am injured, should I wait?

This membership is about meeting you where you are. We all have a life that gets in the way, so if you're traveling and don't have internet, come in when you get back!

If you're injured, then this is the best time for you to get started. We will work with you so that you don't injure yourself further and come back stronger!

Do I have to stay in the membership for 12-Weeks?

We have seen that runners just begin to get all aspects of the Pose • Fall • Pull at the 6-week mark, this is why we made the course 8-weeks. Our thought is if you can only afford to do one pass of the content, then we believe you must stay with us for 12--weeks to get the best chance for lasting change.



How much time will I get with Coach Valerie?

You have the chance to send a video of your run for Valerie to analyze. She will also go live on Facebook each weekday. Don’t like Facebook? Don’t worry! We put each video up into our learning portal so that you can watch it without having to deal with social media.

We also have weekly interactive zoom calls! The calls are scheduled at different times to help accommodate students that can’t be on Facebook Lives because of work or time zone issues, and Coach Valerie can work with you in real-time.

I don’t have a track nearby or a lot of room in my house, how much space do I need?

Coach Valerie does the daily skills, strength, and self-care in her normal-sized garage and living room.  You really only need about 10 feet to do the work, if you have a driveway you can extend the skill drills to 10 - 20 feet.

With Winter coming, can I do the membership on the treadmill?

We prefer you do the skills off the treadmill while you are learning, but once you start building your endurance you can use a treadmill. We have videos to show you how to do this.

I don’t do social media (Facebook)?

Though Coach Valerie does the Daily Q&A on social media (Facebook), we put those lives up to the training portal, which is it’s own website,  with closed captioning by about mid-afternoon each day. We are also using Zoom to have an interactive experience and allow members to be coached by Valerie in real-time. 

We work hard to respect our members' desires to not be on social media. You can send in your drills and check-ins any time to see if you're doing the movement right.


I follow her free content, how is this different?

Well if you follow her you know that she's just giving you snippets of what you can do. In the course, we take you through the journey from beginning to end. We work with you daily to get you running pain free. The course puts the system together!

What is your guarantee?

We have hundreds of success stories and we know this method works… but only if YOU do the work, so we don’t have the guarantee, but we do allow you to cancel after just one quarter without any issues.


The RunRxStrong Membership

  • BIWEEKLY FACEBOOK LIVES Q&A with Coach Valerie
  • WEEKLY ZOOM CALLS with Coach Valerie correcting your movement in real-time.
  • Add Strength to your training that helps with running and endurance.
  • Finally, increase your speed without adding tons of miles to your training plan.
  • Learn how to actually train without destroying your body for distances up to the Ultra distances.
  • Run Pain Free by the end of the first 12-Weeks or cancel without a contract or any headache.

A Proven Method for Finally Identifying and Fixing What is Causing You Pain in Your Run!

...No Contracts Cancel Anytime!

What do some of our students say

Are You Ready for the RunRxStrong Membership?

Who is READY?

  • I’m tired of being in pain and having injuries that keep coming back.
  • I’ve tried everything from cold to acupuncture.
  • I’m willing to be coachable and patient with myself.
  • I’m willing to rethink how I approach running.
  • I’m willing to look at a new way of training for endurance races.
  • I'm willing to listen to a Coach and not let my friends deter my training.

Who is NOT Ready?

  • I’m not willing to learn something completely new.
  • I just want a quick fix so I can keep running my miles.
  • I believe that running faster is about running harder and longer.
  • I believe that I should be able to learn to run in a a week or a month and not willing to give myself a chance for 12-Weeks
  • I think that I can keep training how I have been and fix my running form at the same time.