Imagine running your first or next race... pain-free?



The only program for runners combines 1-1 support, interactive group coaching via zoom, and strength training specifically for runners so you can get past your injury and constantly run any distance, any speed, any time without the fear of getting injured again.




Between running around the injury, staying fit, getting in your miles, trying to fit in self-care like physical therapy, chiropractors, and masseuse and…

Oh God. We are already tired, and that’s just for writing it.

Not to mention, we haven’t gotten to the part about managing your mindset when you inevitably enter freefall launch because you think that this injury is going to sideline you from your race.

Pass the chips and queso, please.


If you’re like most runners we work with

there are a few key hang-ups when it comes with getting through an injury.

Which one is a gut punch for ya?


You’ve had a particular race on your bucket list for a long time. 

But you’re afraid that you will either not finish or get an even worse injury than you already have. So it keeps getting pushed off and you just keep getting older and feel like you’ll never cross it off. 


You’ve joined a running group to help to get support and training.  

But most runners only know about what worked for them and have no idea how to actually get them to the next level. This just leaves you confused, frustrated, and ready to give up running all together.


You’ve spent thousands of dollars, but you still aren't seeing any results.

You know you need help, but at what cost? How can you get support where you need it without making your bank account bleed? (And, ya know… making sure you actually make your race!) You’re over it. And honestly… we’re over it FOR you! That’s why we’re here to help. 

Oh heyyyy!  We’re Caroline and Valerie

We’re here to help you run pain-free and keep you that way. 

We know, we know. You’re no running newbie. Which means you’ve heard all of the promises before. Have your best race yet! Finally reach your time goal! Get out of the injured-not-injured cycle! 

But um… we can actually back our ‘ish’ up. 

We’ve helped thousands of runners all around the world — and that’s before we’ve taught thousands of runners how to run pain-free with, RunRX Academy. 

Not only have we created a way to help runners run pain-free consistently, to the tune of hundreds of students every single month. We know exactly what you’re doing that keeps getting you injured today. 

We believe in helping runners just like you, who are out here DOING THE THING but wanting more for yourself, ditch the doctors for good so you can spend more time running and less time ugly crying in front of your running shoes. 

Which is why we’ve created a program that combines 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and training to bring you something this industry has never seen before. 

Imagine if you could...

  • Go out for a run and feeling so good that you run way more than you planned
  • Finally, stop making doctor appointments on your lunch hour because that’s all the time you have, and you can actually eat lunch with your friends
  • Have a coach that can help you with your training ​and finally reach your race goals
  • Finally stop investing in doctors and other experts that only fix your injuries temporarily, and get real results​
  • Finally, be able to run your first sub-10-minute mile
  • Actually, feel excited to go out for a run
  • Feel 1000% confident that as you head into your next race, it’s going to be your best yet!



The only program for runners combines 1-1 support, interactive group coaching via zoom, and strength training specifically for runners so you can get past your injury and constantly run any distance, any speed, any time without the fear of getting injured again.


Let’s be real:

The last thing you need is another run-of-the-mill program that just gives you a list of runs with no idea if you’re doing them right. 

Sure, there’s work for you to do when it comes to doing the practice. There are key things you need to learn in order to run pain-free and crush those goals. 

But there are also parts that you as a runner don’t know what to do or when to do it. Like when do you do a long run vs. a short run, how do you add strength training, or when do you increase your mileage… We’re here to take the ‘what to do it and when to do it' off your plate. 

We’ve created a this new program that combines weekly video check-ins, group coaching, and race training so you can get back out and running, without the pain. 


The Immersion combines two months of 1:1 support, interactive group zoom coaching, strength plans for runners and training plans that will help you crush your race goals regardless of the distance (and the one after that, and the one after that, and… you see where we’re going with this, right?). 

Video Gait Analysis, 1:1 Running Review from Coach Valerie

You practice the drills, but you have no way to know if you are doing it right. This is exactly why we give you an opportunity to send in your running and be corrected immediately. Coach Valerie give you 1:1 feedback on your running video and this means you’ll know where you’re at with your practice and what you need to do to meet your goals.

Group Coaching Three Times a Month 

Let’s be honest — learning something new takes practice. You feel alone because no one you know talks about running technique or strength training.

So, we’ve brought the technology of Zoom to allow you to be in a group clinic with Valerie coaching you. Each week you will be able to ask questions, check your drills, and know that you’ve fixed the right movement before it becomes an issue. 

Weekly Check-Ins on the Practice  

You do the drills but you’re still not feeling it. In fact, imagine you’re doing the movement, but you don’t feel pain and it doesn’t feel hard, so you wonder if you’re even doing the movement right. 

This is why you also send in a drill each week and you get feedback on what to correct and what to keep doing. This is the closest thing you can get to training with Valerie in person.  

Access to full library of detailed drills 

Let’s be real… following along with one-minute videos on social media doesn’t always make sense. So, we put each of the daily drills into a library that builds on the previous day's work. We help you step-by-step to get back into running and maintaining running pain-free. 

Access to our​ Private Facebook Community 

You want to be able to talk to runners that know how you’re feeling. You also that is optional but really helps you to feel like you’re not alone want to share your wins with those who understand how great it feels to fall, or the feeling of hearing up, up, up! So, we have a private Facebook community. 

Work with us 1:1 

We’ve never offered 1:1 coaching, but many have asked if its possible. Now it is, limited availability. 


If you’re like many runners, you want some extra time with Valerie and just don’t feel comfortable training in a group setting. You are willing to invest in the additional attention that you believe you need by working privately with the coaches.

We’ve included four additional zoom sessions (bi-weekly) 15-minute private zooms where you can discuss your questions and training privately. ​


Learning something new can be challenging but also frustrating. This is especially difficult if you have a race on your schedule or a plan for a goal race coming up.

We’ve included two additional zoom sessions (monthly) 60-minute private zooms where you can dig deep into your race strategy and mindset issues that could be holding you back from progressing.



Here’s the thing: we’ve seen our fair share of coaching plans for runners
(and training programs, and strength plans, and race strategies…)

And we know that it can cost thousands of dollars if your injured to go to chiropractors, orthopedic doctors, cortisone shots, braces, x-rays, MRIs and other scans… and that’s with insurance.

We think that sucks.

We know that you have the ability to run pain-free consistently. And we want to make this as accessible as possible for the runners who are ready to be coachable and practice.

Ya know, the ones who are…

  • Willing to show up and put in the work
  • Have the desire to run with joy and not have it be something you dread
  • Are already injured and are ready to get past it once and for all
  • Aren’t injured but do not want to be sidelined ever






  • All the videos and online teaching that is in the Immersion without the check-ins or coaching.
  • Step-by-step daily practice with skills, strength, and self-care for 30 days.



Private Analysis and Group Coaching

  • Two video analyses ($394 Value)
  • Weekly Interactive Group Coaching ($697)
  • Weekly Private Video Check-ins on Running Drills ($1497)
  • One Month RunRXStrong Membership after the 4-Week program ($99 Value)
  • 5K-100Mile Training Plans ($245 Value)
  • In-Person Clinic Ticket ($197 Value)
  • 90 Days of Strength for Runner Workouts ($300)



(or 3 easy monthly payments of $1900)

  • Two video analyses ($394 Value)
  • Weekly Interactive Group Coaching ($697)
  • Weekly Private Video Check-ins on Running Drills ($1497)
  • One Month RunRXStrong Membership after the 4-Week program ($99 Value)
  • 5K-100Mile Training Plans ($245 Value)
  • In-Person Clinic Ticket ($197 Value)
  • 90 Days of Strength for Runner Workouts ($300)
  • Bi-Monthly Private Zooms with Valerie coaching you on your current drills ($4000)
  • Monthly Private Mindset Coaching ($2000)
  • Limited Applications Available

Got Q's? We’ve got answers!

  Who is The Immersion a good fit for?

The Immersion is perfect for runners who are ready to get back out onto the road! Our students are typically running or want to get back out there after an injury and are open to doing the work to not be injured again. Sound like you? We’d love to have ya!

  How much time does it take each day?

We give you a drill and self-care a few times a week a couple of strength exercises. These should not add more than 15 minutes to any of your current workouts.

  How much time do I get with Coach Valerie if I'm not in the 1:1?

During the first 4 weeks it's like having a personal coach on hand daily. Valerie is very active in the group and encourages you to ask questions, check-in weekly, and be on the zooms when possible.

  What if I'm not on social media?

Though she does lectures and answers questions in a Facebook group. All content is brought to a separate training portal. WIth the video check-ins uploaded and the zooms, you don't have to be on social to take full advantage of the coaching.

  I'm in another country and can't be on the zooms.

We will do what we can to accommodate all of the different time zones. This is why we will also make sure all content is recorded and questions answered. 

  I'm not injured, should I still join?

Great! What better time to correct the movement so that you don't get injured in the future?

  I am injured should I wait?

No. This is the perfect time to come into the Immersion. We are doing very focused movements and we can modify them to help you as you heal.

  Do you offer a guarantee?

We sure do! If within the first week you don't feel it's for you, and you've not sent in your gait analysis, then you may get a full refund. Due to the digital nature, once the gait analysis has been completed we cannot offer a refund, but I'm sure you won't need one. 


You have everything you need to be a runner, but until you start running with the correct technique (consistently) you are going to risk injury. 

We’re here to help you kick that ‘ish to the curb. 

We’re giving you EVERYTHING you need inside The Immersion to reset your running without YOU having to coordinate it all by yourself. 

There’s no program like this in the marketplace. 

All you have to do is say YES. 

Yes to your running. Yes to your goals. Yes to this finally running the race in the time goal you’ve always wanted to! 

You ready? Let’s do this! 

OK! Count me in